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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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mary delores took the stand. she did not see the punch that knocked down stow, but she said she did hear the horrible fall his head hitting the pavement. >> it's the most horrible soun . i don't want to say a cracking noise, but something to that effect. she saw sanchez leading norwood away. the prosecution had more amunition, testimony from sanchez's sister, and her brother's ten-year-old son were at the game, and during the game that her brother was rude to giants' fans and while waiting for traffic to clear, this was a commotion as giants fans passed at the back of the car. >> i heard scuffling of the
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feet, and cursing, and i turned around and i see marvin holding my brother and pushing these giants fans off of my brother. >> other witnesses describe the encounter differently, but she testified that after the giants' fans left, she heard them trash talking and her brother ran after them, her fiance following and when they returned they told her to drive. and he said do not say anything to your mother about this. >> that was patrick reporting from los angeles. >> a charge against a 17-year-old driver for having an accident that took the life of solomon and hadessa, nura, the teenager jumped a curb and struck the father and daughter. well, a new twist tonight in
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the sierra lamar case, the attorney for torres, a man who is said to have kidnapped and killed sierra, has pulled out of the case, because of a conflict with the father who is sitting in jail awaiting trial. we were at the jail, where father and son are both housed. >> there in lies the problem, both of the lawyers of the men are with the office of the public defenders, so, now, the today, he has a new lawyer. >> this is the defendant's father, he is charged with 13 counts of child sex abuse, and sources tell us that he and his family are all witnesses in the case against him. so, the public defender's office, who is defending both men declared a conflict of interest and pulled out, handing all the evidence to the office of the alternative defender. it will have to be reassigned,
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it's a smaller office than the public defender but his new attorney will need to spend the time to review all of the evidence and there's an awful lot here. in particular, this is a heavily forensic evidence case. in the process, the suspect in the seer a-- the sierra lamar attorney has handed off to ken mandel, it's too bad, because he is a good lawyer, he is a high profile lawyer that handed a lot of big cases. he has used this protocol for conflict of interests. the good thing is the conflict of interest was declared early on in the case. >> the last thing you want to have is a year or two goes by and now the defense attorney finds himself in a conflict of interest. that is very unfair to mr.
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torres and he would have to start over with another lawyer and all the time he spent in jail would be wasted. >> he felt the evidence against mr. torres was weak as was the evidence linking him to the safeway assault in the last couple of years. now it's the alternate defender who has to assess that situation. >> and mr. torres was scheduled to enter a plea in july, now that date might have to be pushed back. we are live in san jose. nbc bay area news. tonight, police on the peninsula are asking the public's help in finding a killer, near bay road and university avenue, shots spotter technology pinpointed gunfire, police arrived in a couple of minutes and found a man shot several times. he died a short while later at a nearby hospital. >> he was actually -- he was actually a pretty good guy. very easy to talk to.
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just somebody that you -- he is friendly, you could say. >> are you surprised they happened to him? >> nothing surprises me anymore in this town. >> east palo alto police are not releasing information, motive or suspects. oakland police say the man they shot last night drew a gun on them. it happened near e-street, two officers approached two men parked in a car, after a brief confrontation, they shot the driver. he is identified as 22-year-old man from san lorenzo, he is equity examined to survive, the passenger was released. a mental health liaison has issued to help police deal with
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challenges. the police have been criticized for not doing more before they fire. they will be counciled on how to handle and diffuse tense situations. more east bay parents are lawyering up after their children were suspended from high school over a senior prank. 51 students have been suspended for what they insist was a series of harmless pranks last thursday. the principal called it vandalism. they painted windows and walls and tied a lb to the center of the post of campus, the parents are shocked that the seniors will be kept from taking their finals without which they cannot get their diplomas. they will not be able to walk with the class. the seniors were warned about a zero tolerance policy when it
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comes to destructive pranks. >> schools across the country have started to crack down on folks that cheer too loadly at graduation. a south carolina mom was recently handcuffed during her daughter's ceremony for pumping up the pump too much. we are live in richmond where graduation is about to get under way, and parntss are asking, do i cheer, do i not cheer? it seems silly. >> that is the big question tonight, 279 richmond high school seniors are preparing to walk the stage, you can see they have gathered here. it is a big night for them. the 3,000 or so spectators have been asked to keep it to a minimum and be respectful but other schools are going to extremes to keep their commencement calm. these high school studented
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spent the afternoon practicing for one of the most important events of their lives. high school graduation. >> it's a really proud moment of my life and i'm excited. >> the emotions are running wild, and going over what i'm doing on saturday. it's just, gets me wound up inside. >> everyone stand. >> but keeping those emotions in check has taken center stage at graduation ceremonies across the country. a south carolina mother was arrested for whooping too loudly at a graduation and in cincinnati several seniors had their diplomas held because their cheers got too loud. >> the graduation police we are not going to become. he said do not expect an extreme crack down in his graduation. a ban on noise makers is there, but punishing people for too
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much pomp and circumstance is silly. >> i understand some of the need to establish protocols and limits, however, we do not want to lose sight of the reason why that they are there is to celebrate the accomplishment. >> oakland school officials say no hard and fast rule there is. and they encourage expressions of joy. >> it's not something that we want to put down. >> my mom told me at the graduation ceremony she is going to go crazy in the audience. >> and an old honor's student said the day will be emotional for his mom. emotions will be evoked out of here like never before because she has never had that experience and she should be able to cheer however she wants to. >> and we are back here live where you can see the richmond high school seniors are preparing to take part in their
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big rite of passage, they have all signed contracts promising to be respectful and their parents have been sent letters, the richmond high school officials do not expect any problems here. big congratulations, a rumble over renovation, and a million dollar outrage at cal state campuses. and, it's electric history, the very first tesla model s off the line. coming up, meet the owner and see it in action. and some candid answers we sit down one on one with former secretary of state powell as he talks about one of the biggest mistakes of his life, it relates to the war in iraq. >> she saved my life and i cannot thank her enough for that. >> a heartwarming meeting with a few real life life savers.
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four people willing to donate organs to complete strangers. and i'm in the weather center, one of the warmest days of the week so far with us today, with temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s, and here comes the marine layer, it will knock down temperatures au s a s we look forward. but details on on a hotter seve day, coming up in just minutes. [spring releases] boing...boing (sir can-a-lot) excuse me, madame. [giggles] i only intended to punch up your potatoes with the flavor of glorious spam!
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>> this is no ordinary hybrid, the first tesla has rolled into it's owner's space. the model-s. >> it has been talked about since 2008, we got a chance to see it a year ago, and tonight, the first model-s has a home. >> ladies and gentlemen, our first model-s owner.
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>> and with that, silicon valley venture capitalist steve took ownership of the first tesla-s straight out of fremont. >> there you go. >> parting a red sea of employees with his new red car, then silently driving to work to show it off. >> this is a key. >> opening an all electric sedan the world has been waiting for, smooth on the outside, high tech on the inside, and this thing is a gadget unto itself. >> it's the only thing i can compare so it, i first got my apple 2 and i fell in love. or my first mack intosh, and many ways it's cooler, it's moving you around and it has all the attention to detail. >> starting at about $50,000. the model-s is aimed at families, an early backer of
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tesla said taking his car from the factory was extra cool because of the people surrounding him. >> there was this sort of excitement and enthusiasm for the work and benefit of the first customer and a symbolic hand off of their baby. >> it's good to be first and as he has already seen, it's good to drive a tesla. >> the meter maid is coming by, saying is that a tesla, that car is too beautiful, i'm not going to mark the tire. >> why doesn't that happen to the rest of us. really? the model-s officially rolls out starting june 22nd, tesla's ceo gets the second one. >> wouldn't that be fun? >> yeah. >> yahoo is out and old navy is in. remember this on the i-80
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approach to the bay bridge, on the san francisco side, the billboard will display the message of come fun, come all, inviting drivers to participate in outside events. phone in one hand, ticket in another, it's a warning and a new california campaign too that is gets a $1.5 million boost from the feds. it's part of the new program to help combat distracted driving. the state will use the funds to raise awareness of the dangers of using the phones behind the wheel and to pay for the extra police to help target the distracted drivers. the california state university system is facing heavy criticism for spending big money, upgrading the homes of the university presidents.
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more than one million dollars in public and private funds have been spent to renovate 11 university homes. administrators say, the improvements have been delayed for years and were necessary so the homes can be used for school fundraisers. a warning for a point of no return for the planet. the researches are saying that the earth is reaching a tipping point that will lead to increasingly and irreversable damage to the environment. the new findings have been published in the journal of nature. >> we have to pay attention to our meteorologist. and now we really have to. we have graduations, giants' games. u.s. open, a lot of people. >> so now you want some of the
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product. listen up, always, i know you do. 16 69 in oakland, and 78 in some spots. gilroy 81 that was the hottest and a mix of 60s and 70s, we are holding on to 60s strong on the coast line. all the 60s getting spurred off compared to this time yesterday. the fog rolling right into san francisco, a good westerly flow at the current moment. that will be impacting us here in the morning as the onshore flow will be strong enough to bring us fog as we head into the communicate commuting hours. no rainfall here, but as we mentioned, it's increasing the onshore flow. right now, computers are picking up here on the most fog, near the golden gate gap, all the way
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down the san mateo, and this weekend, we will clear out the cloud cover and it will get hot. temperatures could jump ten to 15 degrees in that seven-day forecast. as for tonight, we will see the best chance of the fog up into the north bay and back to the coast line, 48 in santa rosa and 52 in napa, and daytime highs will be in the mid to low 70s here from the bay all the way down to san jose by the 4:00 p.m. hour, and right here on nbc, a quick look at the forecast as you head to the giants' game, it will be cool and windy through the evening. if you are planning to head that way with, well, you need of course, the layers, that usually goes without saying but we have had lucky with warm weather at some of those games. >> okay. thank you. >> sure. >> did tsa workers handle or
6:20 pm
mishandle people. the change that lawmakers are pushing for. >> and a study that reveals what gay and lesbian teens feel about their lives. >> annu u unual market that one man was hoping to sell at a northern california gas station. u
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it's exactly the kind of news you want to hear, more people in the bay area are finding jobs. april unemployment numbers show the jobless dropped in every county, marin led the rate loss. santa clara county's 8.2% is the largest drop for a county in the past year. alameda county is at 8.9. about 6,500 people are without a permanent home every night and now the city is making
6:23 pm
a push to get 50 of them a place of their own, veterans hoping for a break. >> the parks and plazas of san francisco's civic center, a last resort for homeless. many the veterans of the nation's wars. >> when i got out of the war, it seemed like i have been fighting since i got out of the war. >> for 23 years, hancock lived in the streets suffering from ptsd, burying deep memories of wars. >> what i did over there, i cannot get a job doing. those things that i did over there, i hate it and i have to live with it forever. >> he was recently given vouchers to find housing but hancock discovered that the good intentions go so far. >> the amount of the vouchers are only so much. the housing here and the rents
6:24 pm
are so high. >> veterans groups say competition and rising rents are too much. >>. >> the goal, convince landlords to give homes to veterans within 100 days. >> they have a new calm, subsidized housing and now we need the landlords to step up. >> mark shayman said he is giving priority to veterans in his building. >> i want to help them, they serve in the military they save countries they save lives, and i want to give them what they deserve. >> among the vets that recently found a home with the vouchers was steven hancock. >> it's nothing special, it's a one bedroom place, but it's mine, i'm not out here on the
6:25 pm
streets. >> the federal government is giving the veterans up to $1,600 a more for an important for life, and in hancock's life it's a life brand new. >> the california fish and game is trying to figure out how a man in nevada county got ahold of two bear cubs. the cubs were put up for sale by the man. he had left before they caught up with him at the gas station but they tracked him at his home. they believe he killed the cubs' mother. >> plugging the leaks, the crack down planned to keep white house secrets just that. plus, they were patients in a four-way kidney swap and today, for the first time they get to find out who donated the organs saved their lives. >> and inside the mind of an american icon, we sit down one
6:26 pm
on one with general colin powell and get his take on his role in the iraq war and president obama. ♪
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it's not uncommon that former secretary of state colin powell is in the bay area, he usually slips in without any fanfare. today's visit is different, powell is on his latest mission to clear the air, or perhaps to cleanse his soul, tonight, the interview with one of the most well known figures in american politics. >> as he walked through our newsroom, you would not know it, but old wounds, especially for a military man die hard. >> saddam hussein and his regime are -- >> his speech to the united nations in 2003, in which he outlined the united states' plan to attack iraq.
6:29 pm
an outline based on false information, now through speeches and a new book, powell is rewriting a controversial chapter of american history. >> let me quote here, it was one of my biggest failures and had the widest impact. how do you speak to the u.n. and be misled. >> i do not think we were misled, we had bad information and we had wrong analysis, but i was not mislead by people that thought they were misleading people. there was people that should have known that the information was bad and did not pull on our chain and say, wait a minute, stop. they were saying later, we knew, but they did not tell me, or the president or general frank and we all went into the conflict
6:30 pm
with the belief that it was a good case, that there were weapons of mass destruction to ground in iraq. and that is what i presented. of course, to me, it turned what seemed like a terrific presentation in about three or four months turned into a failure. >> you say the president never once had you in a room and really asked you, should we go forward? >> didn't ask any of us. not just me. >> is this book then a way to maybe cleanse your reputation or cleanse your soul? >> my reputation does not need cleansing. >> is it difficult to digest with the lives lost, almost 5,000 men and women service personnel, and civilians? >> of course, it's something to digest, and how about the president, he is the one who made the decision. but the basic problem rests with saddam hussein. he put us in that position, he caused the president to believe that we cannot leave in regime in power when we think they have
6:31 pm
weapons of mass destruction and as it turned out they didn't. but i can assure you he had used them in the past against his own citizens in other countries and if left free he would have had weapon withes of mass destruction, he never lost the capability to create them. >> i'm a private citizen and i do not have to say something because i'm on a book tour. >> you are an interesting private citizen. >> thank you very much, the media wants me to force to me to say something that i will not do. i choose to watch the campaigns unfold. >> i have an old volvo, you want to help me fix it up. >> what year? >> i have no idea. you work on them? >> i do, and they have to have
6:32 pm
no electric stuff, i'm an old volvo guy. >> he loves working on his old cars and talking politics. we will post the whole interview on our website, and you can find the other high profile one on one interviews. just search the interview. >> president's obama campaign war chest has fat ened. he picked up $2 million in san francisco alone. he wrapped up the west coast campaign in las vegas but it was not an uneventful trip, four airplanes entered restricted air space, three of them were buzzed by f-14s and the fourth turned back on his own. mitt romney spent the day fundraising in texas. romney and the gop raised more
6:33 pm
than $76 million in may, compared to the democrats on behalf of the obama campaign. >> senator feinstein is plugging national security leaks using the law. feinstein and three other legislators want to change the defense authorization bill, they met with the director of national intelligence and want to prevent leaks that recently made headlines in the new yo"ne time times". tensions going up in syria after unarmed u.n. monitors said they were shot at. syrian opposition activists said that these forces killed many civilians yesterday. the government is denying all responsibility. this comes at the backdrop of continued international efforts to try to stop the violence in that country. u.s. secretary of state, hillary clinton met with european and
6:34 pm
arab arab, allies, said the ill ckil has to stop. >> those responsible for these crimes have to be held to account. we cannot allow mass killing become part of every day reality in syria. >> there's no sign that the president is willing to step down. reports of yesterday's massacre comes weeks after 100 people were killed in the village of houla, many on of them women and children as well. in afghanistan, leon panetta met with pakistan leaders saying the u.s. is losing patience with the country. that they are frustrated with people acrossing the boarder and attacking troops. he is there too get a progress report on the wall and discuss troop withdraw. leaving afghanistan is more difficult as long as pakistan makes the country a safe haven
6:35 pm
for al qaeda linked militants. a recent controversy about a tsa screener and the screeners was a topic of congressional hearings today, this is following a scandal at the airport in fort myers florida, the officers had failed to conduct random screenings, some lawmakers say the agency should be downsized and pat downs reduced, and there's debate over whether it will impact security. >> it's a huge number that would take a significant assessment on the one hand. >> tsa officials say they screen nearly two million people a day most without complaint. >> a land mark study of gay teens in the u.s. is being called a call to action by gay and civil rights activists. only 30% -- 37% of lgb teenagers say they are happy compared with
6:36 pm
the 67% of straight teenagers, they say they do not fit in with their communities. and when the human rights campaign released the survey results in los angeles, it brought out high profile support. these kids have a right to go to school, and not be harassed. they have a right to love who they want. they have the right to get married if they want. >> they want the data used in more policies and practices to improve the lives of gay youth everywhere. >> new proof of too much of anything can be bad for your health. and hello to the heroes, the selfless act that will connect these eight people for looiife. >> we have good weather coming back for friday's forecast. the pollen may increase
6:37 pm
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(woman) hmmm... that's actually a good idea. [nervous giggle] (ancr) break the monotony. for more fun ideas visit tonight there's a new push in the bay area for, umilical cord donation. cord blood is a specific sample of blood collected at the time of birth, the case of timothy brown was talked about, he was given accord blood transplant to treat leukemia, and was cured of
6:40 pm
hiv. he is now talking about it. >> before my case, it was -- a cure was not even discussed. >> cord blood is an alternative to bone marrow transplants and it's far easier to find a matching donor and recipient. there's only enough blood to fill half of the requests. >> tackling concussions with a massive lawsuit against the nfl. the suit accuses of nfl of hiding information that linked football related head trauma to permanent brain injuries. it was filed in philadelphia today and combines 80 pending cases on behalf of more than 2,000 former players. it accuses the nfl of knowing about the long-term effects of concussions and failing to do anything about it. in response to the lawsuit, the league said the players' safety always has and will continue to be a priority. >> all right, let's bring in
6:41 pm
jeff and thaalk about the wonderful weekend. >> i know, about 48 hours away. i'm losing track of what day it is. >> mentally just 24 hours. >> we look outside at the bay, a bit of cloud cover, and lots of blue sky, we will tell you how long this will continue coming up. >> i'm henry wofford at the sports desk, all of a sudden, power is the name of the game for the giants and practice makes perfect, right? look who is already at the olympic club, gearing up for nextweek's u.s. open. stay with us, sports is next. hello?
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? health matters there's no doubt that exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent chronic disease and pro long life, but there's a new study that extreme endurance exercise like ultra marathons or long distance cycle racing can damage the heart. sports have been led to an increase in ir regular heart rhythms and that regular, moderate exercise still is a benefit. have you heard of a kidney swap? it's when a person who needs a
6:44 pm
kidney brings a willing donor that does not match them but could match someone else. a quadruple swap took place and the eight people got a chance to meet and hug their life savers. >> each of these four people made the generous decision to give one of their kidneys to a complete stranger. they had no idea which of these four patients is now living with their organ until today. gilbert's kidney has given bonnie new energy. >> i'm so happy for you. i'm very happy that i had the opportunity to save a life. for somebody that i did not even know. >> gilbert also saved his wife christi christina, by him donating a kidney, she received a kidney from this donor. they met for the first time ever today. and christina was overwhelmed. >> i'm very emotional.
6:45 pm
because it saved my life and i cannot thank her enough for that. >> it was great, it's great to meet somebody, we are very connect now. we are almost family. >> diane's kidney donation enabled her husband to get a kidney and get off of dialysis. >> thanks, buddy, you saved my life. >> absolutely. >> and in a surprising twist, he learned his donor was a familiar face. david brady. the two had volunteered together in a sheriff's reserve unit for the past 17 years. >> this man saved my life, i was on dialysis for two years and nothing coming forward and if he had not and my wife had not done this to save my life. >> doctors say four lives were saved in the four-way kidney swap may 18th. >> three of them had donors with whom they were not compatible and had no options, and one of them had a donor but decided to enroll in the program to help
6:46 pm
other people and to perhaps improve their own outcome. >> for the donors it meant sacrificing a organ for a stranger to pay it forward for a loved one, a cycle of giving they hope others will continue. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> the smiles are catching. >> win/win for everyone. let's turn things over to jeff so we are on thursday, mr., the weekend is almost here and we are looking nice. >> and it is, and it could be hot too as well, in the seven-day forecast the temperatures go up ten to fine degrees. 78 in livermore and a mix of 70s to 60s here in san francisco. right now the winds are more onshore and that is cooling us off, 71 in sunnyvale and the bay bridge is fog free in the
6:47 pm
current moment, but there's plenty of fog back pointed the other way to the west, moving into the downtown, for anybody commutes into the bay area, you are fog free but that will increase through the horning hour -- morning hours. we are looking at the seven-day forecast and we will have 90s coming back, with big time major heat, but the first thing we need to do is get rid of the system that is producing unusual rainfall up in washington and oregon. it's going to be sweeping down tonight, don't worry, we do not have rainfall with this, if you have outdoor plans, it will switch up the winds, bringing them more on shore, with 50s and 60s and then for the interior sections, it will not get hot tomorrow, we will have 70s and it will not be until the back end that this winds will shift off shore. tomorrow is a bit of a
6:48 pm
transitional day. 4893 santa rosa, and 52 in san jose, and patchy fog. slower start and the sun coming out, numbers will be where we should be. 77 in evergreen and the breeze is filtinger over the mountains that will drop numbers in livermoor and 72 in heyward. how does it look? it's a cooler day for us. upper 60s in downtown san francisco, and 62 in pacifica and 73 in san ra fell and by saturday and sunday, a warmi ii trend, then we go for the 90s. those of you in the east and south bay, that is when it gets
6:49 pm
hot. not quite record setting but it will be -- you know, a lot of times we say early taste, you do not taste the weather, you can taste the wind, an early feel of summer coming our way as we head throughout monday and tuesday and then numbers starting to cool off as we go to wednesday and also thursday. because, you can feel the weather, right? >> we taste it sometimes, don't we? >> i caught myself on that one. >> in the convertible with our mouths open. >> thanks jeff. let's go to sports. what is with us tonight? >> i don't know, we have not seen you in a long time. >> i've been busy tasting the weather. that is what i've been doing, takes time, my goodness, give me a break, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it okay. >> good for you. >> the orange and black are closing in on the first place
6:50 pm
dodgers. san francisco is taking giant footsteps, four detaiaytim poin the to develop teams. maybin, 4-6-3 double play ends the inning and cain says yeah, baby. to the top of the searventh, two-run home run to the right, makes it 6-3. and giants continue to role. let's go to the top of the eighth. blanco, what are you series? giants showing power, solo home run, 7-3 giants, and melky celebrating the home run with blanco, giants win 8-3 is your final. over to the green and gold, rangers and a's, bottom of the first, cespedes, say it's not so. comes up lame, rounding second, on a seth smith rbi single.
6:51 pm
he would leave the game with a strained left hamstring. bottom of the fourth, coco crisp, batting with the bases loaded, everyone is coming home, coco, four runs batted in on the day. meanwhile, mccarty continued his strong form, he taught seven innings, striking out five, no walks and a's win 7-1, kate longworth has more. >> the a's win over the rangers came at a cost, as cespedes limped off with a strained left hamstring. >> we are thinking hopefully not dl, certainly we probably won't play tomorrow. national league park, whether he is able to pinch hit, you know, the next day or the next day is kind of what we are hoping for. >> meanwhile, brandon mccarthy held his own against his former team. >> that is one of the big things for the franchise, is starting to knock down other teams that are considered better and show
6:52 pm
all the young guys that we are on an even playing field. >> i think that everyone can sleep well at night knowing they are trying their best and it will improve. we have one way to go and i like the direction we are moving right now. >> it was a big day theity plate for coco crisp who has been struggling offensively. bob melvin said there was a sense of relief, because the ball club depends on the presence that he provides. thank you, kate, let's go to football. if two is company and three is a crowd, then you know the niners have way too many running backs on their roster. gore, jacobs, hunter, dixon, ca cartwrite, having to fight for position. >> we all help each other, i help all the new guys. you know, it's competition. i love competition.
6:53 pm
you know, i grew up with three brothers, all we did was compete, all day every day. it's nothing to me. you know, i'm enjoying it and having fun with these guys. it's my family for right now. so, just soaking up all the moments and just trying to be perfect. you know, that is why i was reaching for. >> are you ready for the u.s. open. you know we are, this is exclusive video of phil mickelson practicing at the olympic club today, the group g groupings were announced this morning. tiger and he will hang out. let's look at the groupings, tiger, mickelson and watson, and a couple of stanford guys, martin and wilson will tee off at 12:45 and then the top three players in the world, mcilroy, donald and westwood, they will get to work at 1:29 thursday afternoon. and what is a u.s. open without some swag, the on sight
6:54 pm
merchandise tent, it's up and running and the excitement is building, the 112th u.s. open right here in the bay area. don't forget, you can watch all for rounds of the u.s. open right here on the nbc bay area, beginning next thursday. back to you. >> you'll never see your husband again. >> yeah, there will be a lot of golf widows next week. thank you, henry. for a full half hour of sports coverage, you can watch it tonight at 10:30.
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here is a look at what is coming up at 7:00.
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>> a new look at transit of venus, we have a new video of it, using new equipment, we will show it to you, and ocean day is tomorrow, we preview what is going to be done to clean up the beaches and coast line and we have a look at it and how people can get involved. it's all over the place, but it's a big deal here in california and in the bay area, we will take a look at what is being done. >> very good. we hope to see you back at 11:00, have a good evening. [ alarm beeping, motor revving ]
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